Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Are You Hungry?

A lot of us seem to have been hit with one type of sickness or another, maybe cabin fever over a prolonged winter or some been feeling kind of down.

And others had been missing in action in our blogging neighborhood, till they get feeling better. Well, we will be glad to have you all back.

I felt, I would like to lighten the mood a bit. So I thought I would post this one.

It came up when I was watching a documentary about it a few years back, for one thing I couldn’t believe it warranted a documentary. But hey, they have to fill the time slots with something right?

I used to like it at one time, before my health conciseness took hold several years ago.

I knew that there was an almost cult type following over the stuff and that Hawaii was it’s capital of consumption. Who would have ever known?

How ever I did write this just to be funny, it was one I never took very serious and I sure never planed on putting it out here.

And this will probably gross some of you out, and some of the closet eaters of the stuff, that may never want to admit it, but then that's not really the point

We need some smiles going on…

Mystery Can

One day feeling hungry
Like I never felt before
Decided to go down to the
Neighborhood grocery store

Fumbling through the isles
Looking for a tasty treat
Found a strange square can
Amongst other luncheon meats

So many ways to prepare it
You can cook it in a pan
Or slap it between some bread
With eggs and other types of ham

I prefer it with taters
Or any way you can
One thing you never want to do
Is read the ingredients of your very

Own can of Spam...


Brosreview said...

Haha... nice!!! Simple and easy to relate. The title reminded me of one of them Dominos advert.

Rikkij said...

George-will spam ever cease to make for great poetry or what?? Ever seen the monty python skit that gave the name to email? what a hoot! Good Stuff. I did a silly one too yesterday. Think I'll hold it til next week. Thanks for the uplift!~Rick

Linda S. Socha said...

GREAT ..Silly fun is good! The mystery meat!

Shadow said...

heee heeee heeeee, yes indeed. eat it, don't read about it, and that's the darn truth!

George said...

Thanks Brosreview, I'd hadn't seen that one, I'll keep my eye out for it...

Hey Rick, I remember when monty python was all the rage, I still think their pretty funny.

I'll definitely be looking forward to yours next week.

Hey,,, maybe we can start a challenge to all our blogger friends to do something contagious, "laughter" with poems

I wrote one about my grandson and his fascination with my coo-coo clock, I might do it next too.

Hi Linda, mystery meat. Now that's just fun to say, isn't it?

Unless it's at a roadside BBQ stand, then fear sets in, then intrigue.

I'm glad you liked my contribution to humor...

Shadow. When I took the picture and I pick the can up to read it.

They took the ingredients off,,, gee, I wonder why that is, um.

I think they want people to write them now for it.

I like it, when I ate it.

Thanks for your visit...

Patty said...

That is funny. I like the photo, too.

I hear they make Spam for vegetarians now. I will have to find a can.

I wonder what they make it from?

Alexandra Garland said...

Smiles!!! I like it! Strangest things happen in the inspiration department, but I think it's important to always honor the thought and inspiration.
So true though about the label. I have one rule regarding labels: if it doesn't sound like "food" - it isn't and we shouldn't eat it... sorry Spam...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

LOL...George, good one! Spam has had it's PR problems for sure!!! For good reason, perhaps. :O

CathM said...

Hee hee hee – funny post... I can’t stand SPAM!

Noelle said...

lol, just the word "spam" brings me memories...I don't think I could possibly ingest that stuff anymore.

Laura said...

Oh George great minds must think alike!

What makes you smile? Come and enter the Under the Sheets giveaway contest.

George said...

Thanks everyone for the visit and your comment, I'm glad it brought you a smile, even for only a moment...

Karen said...

Fun! You're right -- we need a break from the serious stuff of this winter. Thanks.

George said...

Thank you Karen, for your visit and welcome to my little corner of the blog world...