Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cuckoo Clock

When my grandson would come over to our place, he’s so amazed by the cuckoo clock. It would bring back the memories of my grandmother I was very close to growing up. (From my archives)

Cuckoo Bird Where Did You Go?

Tis a happy day for me
Off to Gramps house to play you see

Tis one thing I don't understand
Little black house with a little white hand

Every time, when the cuckoo comes out
I run behind the living room couch

That little cuckoo bird hid back in

Gramps! Darn! I miss him again?

To see him, I have to be quick as a hick-up
Wait 'til the big hand points straight up

Finally I get to see him, little bird I'd heard before
He came out on his perch, then slammed the door

When I go to Gramps and hear the tick-tock
I see the cuckoo bird I love so much

Up there on the wall
In his big black clock…


Linda S. Socha said...

WONDERFUL It made me smile and feel about five again. What a gift you are George

Brosreview said...

Brought a smile on my face!!! This is very well-written!!!

Patty said...

My grandfather used to have a grandfather clock. I used to love that thing.

Brings back fond memories.

CathM said...

Hmmmmmm... lovely. Indeed, it does bring back memories of a grandfather clock that used to stand in a house in Wales where we used to spend our short vacs at during term time at boarding school.

Rikkij said...

children and how they believe. If only they could teach us to believe that a real bird lives in there and sounds when he should. Nice Fri piece ~Rick

Shadow said...

huh? who'd think.... i was exactly the same as a child. would watch the clock like a tv screen, just waiting for the birdie to pop out it's head.... lovely writing george!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Ah George, what a reminiscence of childhood. We had a cuckoo clock, much like the one pictured, when I was a girl - and I loved that bird too.

I love 'quick as a hick-up"...:)

Just a great, warm, gift of a poem!!

George said...

Wow! what a treat this morning, some of my favorite bloggers, chiming in (excuse the pun.)

My sister-in-law stay overnight one time, vowing never again. She never got any sleep for all of our companion sounds in the house.

I can safely say we do have a few mechanical clocks throughout the place, sounds of some making a sliding noise, balls dropping, tic-tocs, westminster chimes and of course the cuckoo.


Linda, it's enjoyable for me to bring back those fond memories of childhood, it's always a good thing of joy during a sad time and pain for many in the world.


Brosreview, smiling back, thank you for your comment..


Patty, when I was about four or five and would get to my grandmother's, the first thing I would do is to check where the minute hand was, so I could see that little bird.

Then I knew I could go through the rest of my time there, somehow knowing everything was OK.


CathM, isn't it kind of oddity, that an inanimate object can sometimes bring that sense of warmth and peacefulness to ones meaning?


Rikkij, Peter-pan even said just believe.

Good to see ya, thanks for your response..


Thanks, Shadow. You always make my day when you'd leave me a response...

George said...

Hi K, it's kind of sad if someone didn't get to experience a cuckoo clock somehow in their childhood.

I sort of wrote this one with that in mind.

Thanks, K.

Alexandra Garland said...

What a great poem! It's such fun to watch the kids discover the world. Loved it!!

George said...

Thanks, Alex. When I see kids amazed by their discoveries it kind of gives ya that sense, that the world might actually going to be OK after all...

Laura said...

My parents have a clock very similar to the one in your picture and bought each of their daughters one for a wedding present. I love mine.

Thank you for the lovely poem.

Laura said...

Isn't amazing what become our childhood memories? Lovely Poem George!

George said...

Laura, what a cool wedding gift, especially when kids start coming into the mix. As they start to develop their own memories of life and home.

Thanks for stopping by my humble cottage.

George said...

Hi Laura, it's good to see your visit.

Sometimes all it takes is a sense of a brief smell, a fragmented sound or even catching something out the corner of your eye to spur a flood of those memories of childhood.

Thanks for your warm comment...

Small City Scenes said...

Kennewick George. Interesting blog. MB

Noelle said...

Hi George...I like this one! I remember my brother as a toddler, so obsessed with making the clock go cuckoo....and he used to say "etta cuckoo" (etta would be my sister, Heather)...and he was so right...ha!

George said...

Hello S C S, It's great these days to see a new visitor, espasially from my old stomping grounds of the I-5 corridor.

Drop by again...

George said...

Noelle, it's always a pleasure when you visit my corner of the world.

Great story about your brother and sister.

I hope all is well...

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello George!
You have been tagged to share you 25 Influences at Psyche Connections...Look forward to seeing your post!