Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bewildered and Dazed

I'd had been through this experience more than once, never understanding how I'd could had made it through each time. Now more than ever, I have an appreciation for life trying not to take anything for granted. So much holds more importance to me such as this blog and the friends that I had been able to share with in the blogging community. Even with all that said, I am doing well, usually landing on my feet.

The experience wasn't to long ago but during my rehabilitation is when I rediscovered writing and the blogs at the end of last year. Thanks to you all, I am much a stronger person.

Closing the door behind me
Warming sun splashes my side
Stepping onto the sidewalk
Echoes of distant noises
Something tells me
this is not going to be an usual day

People circle around me
Asking if I’m feeling any pain
I don’t understand what they are saying
The sunny skies are turning grey

Cares I’ve had now have no meanings
My body wants to drift to another place
I notice a bird flying then fading dark
Someone is calling out
Questions from the past

Then a light pokes its way from the deep
Calling for my name
I try to recognize those who are around
Feeling their hands as I still drift away

Fainting voices start getting louder
I think your going to be OK
We’re going to give you something
For your pain

Down the long halls as ceiling lights pass by
To a cold room
Where all is quiet now
Knowing something has gone so wrong
Bewildered left in my daze


Linda S. Socha said...

As usual this is very well written and I am concerned. I truly hope you are ok and this is an artistic representation and not an illness you are dealing with. May I know you are ok?

Laura said...

Welcome back.. and take care.

Brosreview said...

This is very deep!!! And, as always very well-written!!! Well done!!!

Shadow said...

i've missed you. and what's this about rehabilitation??? have you been ill? but the sounds of this poem, yes?

Rikkij said...

good to see ya around, again, George. Your piece reads like a dark tunnel of mystery but with light at the end. We'll call that hope. Take care~Rick

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi George, so great to hear from you again! A lot of emotions in your poem... The words raise concern... Be well!! You are in thoughts of many,

George said...

I really appreciate everyone’s response. I’m doing fine. This poem was one I wrote a few days ago where I was feeling my own stronger abilities that God has giving back to me.

Yes, I have some medical issues that can be life threatening, some I’ve had dealt with most of my life. Several people are dealing with similar or harder issues, I just do what I have to do to keep myself healthy.

I did go through this incident (in the poem) several months ago, I can only write about it now because I am doing so much better. I would had never thought I could have gotten this far a few months ago.

Writing was away for me to channel my thoughts and poetry, blogging was my deliverance. Then I met you all as Bloggers.

So I do attribute a lot of my ability to the ones I had been bless with, to had met here in our blogging community and the responses you had giving me, gives me the strength to push on.

Writing this one was my way to grapple with it and posting it was a way to show appreciation to know you as blogging friends.

My heart goes out to those of you who are dealing with your own hard times, where mine seem so minuscule.

I will try to post more when I can, but they will be more lite-hearted, I promise…

Linda S. Socha said...

Much thanks for the post. Whatever you post whenever is always fine with me! I am glad things are better now with the medical issue.
It is difficult for anyone to deal with these medical issues life can present!

Noelle said...

Hope you're ok George. I've missed your writing! Hang in there, thinking of you.


George said...

Thanks Noelle, yes I am, I'm well in the healing phase now.

I'd often wonder how my friend was doing, I hope things had been working out for you.


K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I have missed you! I am glad to see you back. Loved the poem. It did have me concerned, however. I read on to find that things are okay. Please continue to do well. Looking forward to more of your writing. :)

Linda S. Socha said...

George...Where are you. How is life going?

Linda S. Socha said...

Hello George. Hope all is well with you. Let me here the update with the new events?