Saturday, August 8, 2009

What I Pray

One day our pain won’t lay the rules
Light fills every room
Kindness catches on

Hunger is not a norm
Selfish acts are unseen
Goes on to be ignored

When I pray

There will be an end to war
Power isn’t a payment for evil
Shadows lose their darkness
The world will be out of the gloom

I pray

Love is for everyone to hold
Bitterness disappears
And there is hate no more


Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful George. I know it is heartfelt...I share those prayers. It is wonderful to see you post.

I am a bit behind...too much attention distracted elsewhere including work . All of that is ok. I may come and go for a bit with blogging.

Hope your weekend is easy and flowing and filled with the small pleasures you enjoy

George said...

Thank you my friend. And yes it is and I will... You take care!

Thanks for the visit, Linda.

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi George,
Beautiful words! I want to live in that kind of world too, so hope you don't mind if I join you in that prayer. Thanks for sharing!!

Noelle said...

from your lips to God's ears, my friend!! Lovely words.

George said...

Thank you Alex,

George said...

Thank you Noelle, you're so sweet...