Friday, October 9, 2009

I’d Drifted Here and There Chasing Endeavors

I hadn’t been around for a while I very much apologize for my absentee. I really hope I hadn’t lost any of you the friends I so much relied on and truly care about in our spherical blog world we had made.

I had drifted in and around from time to time. Flying on the weaken wings of inspirations with all of you continually on my mind, slowly starving my cerebral expressive ability to write.

So I thought a little about Greek mythology and what they had to experience with the scribes responsible for the arts and penned this scribble today.

Illusory Polyhymnia

Long corridors, the cold echoes
Spills down the halls
Glimpsing sound of footsteps
Ever coming close enough
Unrevealed unrecognized.

A penned yell, “Show yourself”
Illusive sights fade
Hunger pains
For an inspirational key
Turning of the head
Warm wind fills the lungs
Silent words seeps in
Breeze without a sound

Each finger falls
Letters drift into place
Conceptual thoughts
Inks the page
Heart races
Pulse pounds
Tear soaked parchments
Pains streams into verse
Pages of words
You know hold true

A palindromic liquidity


Shadow said...

hiya george, nice to hear from you. an exquisite way to expressing your thoughts...

Noelle said...

This is wonderful. I am so glad that you are back!!

Oneperson said...


I'm in and out of internet touch too. I view as a kind of restaurant or museum. The regulars understand that 'life' happens, that the muse takes a vacation...yet is always near.

This piece is wonderful George. I can hear echos in the hall and feel the writer as s/he enters that space of time standing still, of painted words and the deep emotions....

Thanks for sharing your gift(s)!

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi George,
So good to hear from you!! Beautiful poem! It's like we know it's there, we can feel it inside, but it will present itself on it's own terms... and when it does...

"Heart races
Pulse pounds"

Love it all!!

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

Hey George! Great to see you, brother. We all need a break from cyber space once in awhile.

This one must represent a universal feeling with poets and writers - ancient and modern. Solidly rendered. :)