Monday, October 19, 2009

Portabella Dreams

Sometimes I just can’t believe some of the dorky stuff I come up with and write. I was thinking of nursery rhymes and children’s stories I’d loved as a child. Then this fell on my keyboard…

Portabella Dreams

Sunrays sprays through the shutters
Sleep rubbing from my eyes
Bluebird sings the morning
Fawns tasting their first dew

Gathering fragrant herbs
Under the crisp blue skies
Welcoming a new day's greeting
From a lower mossy limb

Flowered sweeten air
Linen drape wicker basket
I’d sat by my side
Fast falling into a portabella dream

Reaching a world where dreams go
Time measured by the sun’s beams
Entering Eden’s soft place
Sitting on a mushroom stool

Making light talk
With all the creatures
Great and small
The shadow had landed on the dial

Time is short
And now I must go
Everyone there knows

I will come again, to be back this way…


Linda S. Socha said...

I was so glad so see your post appear on my Dashboard!
Love this one. I can step right into it!. I think the photo on your banner is top notch....I breathe with a sign looking at it.

Hope life is treating you well. I am doing well. I would love to hear an update when your time permits

George said...

Thanks Linda, it's really good to hear from you. I took that photo in an HDR process with the idea of pushing the greens a little. I'm glad you like it...

All is well.. You may pm. me anytime my friend..

Alexandra Garland said...

Hi George,
Amazing where we find inspiration!! I love your poem and I love portabella mushrooms - they are my sirloin stakes!!
It’s such pleasure to read your work!!

George said...

Thanks Alex...

Noelle said...

"making light talk with all creatures great and small"....this is the work of a true poet!