Friday, January 9, 2009

The Incomig Storms

I was listening to the morning news about more storms heading our way. Oh that’s nice, I thought to myself. After spending the day before picking up parts of my roof shingles around the yard. At the same time checking on the newly planted trees and shrubs I had planted last spring, anticipating these types of conditions knowing how it can get. Though they’re doing just fine.

I’d also had been listening to the reports of all the suffering going on all around us from the battering they had been taking from severe whether, the flooding, collapsed buildings, erosion, avalanches, mud slides and just general property losses.

We’ve been pretty lucky so far… I pray that they continue to stay clear from the jaws of an angry earth…

Storms (Acrostic Style Poem)

Straddled within our protective lodge
Tumultuous skins easily feel pain
Our reassuring needs hold us as
Refugees till approaching whether pass
More victuals stored
Saneness that we'd hope will last


Shadow said...

hey! stay safe out there. and a very clever poem. must try that some time...

George said...

Thanks Shadow, they are fun to do..