Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While the Winter Season Last

I wasn’t going to post this poem, but I decided do go ahead anyway. Some of them I probably never will and several of them I know I never will.

What the heck!

We had a nice intense sunny day. So I started to do a little writing, soaking in the sunrays piercing across the cold winter room.

My three dogs lying across my feet in the sun getting every sliver they could stretch out and reach for

I’d been getting kind of tired of the winter taking so long for the season to pass, I do realize it is just that time of the year and we do have a little while left to go. I think few of us are going through some of the same anxieties of cabin fever. I know I am.

Even though I enjoy having the four defined seasons to cycle through and our summers can be longer than the rest and I’m Ok with that. I need to be outside more than in.

Once the better weather starts I’ll be working more and having less leisure time to spend and that’s Ok too.

Still I couldn’t help it, whittling the hours away thinking of much warmer days in the tall grasses in the fields. Where the forest comes alive the air fills with insects, bees and the seeds floating to find fertile places to settle.

Nature's Awakening

In the spring when the darken chill
Slowly leaves the scene
Crocus sneak through the matted leaves
Poking their heads toward warm sunbeams

Songs of the bird’s carries past the trees
Forest awakens the woods
Creatures magnificent and small
Find the sun where they stood

Painted meadows beyond the shady groves
Is where, you’re leading me
Laying down in the fields
Hidden away in a sea of greens

Holding hands as we do our dance
Bringing honor to the spring
Love in the light of day, careful to
Stay away from the fairy rings

Hurrying to be getting back
Before the sun sets, it's getting late
Leaving the last touch of your hand
Lasting kiss at the garden gate

When the moonlight glows in the window
Through the shears
Dreams fill the room
Of the dance we held near

Seeds we’ve sowed within us
That one spring day
Committing our hearts
Is where we plan to settle and stay


Anonymous said...

This is lovely, George - it conveys the warmth and colors of spring very well.

George said...

Thanks for coming by Tracey, it's always a pleasure when you visit too...

The warm comment is deeply appreciated...

Shadow said...

this is simply lovely.... makes me kinda stop and think i should be enjoying the summer while i have it. as you, but in reverse, i was sitting outside looking at the garden the other night, and said to hubby that soon the greens would be changing to browns, the warm air replaced by chill, the flowers gone, resting... but like you say 'we do have a little while left to go', so i guess i'll enjoy the sun, the heat, the summer, while i can. thanks for these lovely thoughts!!!

George said...

Thanks Shadow, for your warm response.

I'll send some canned sun when it finally warms here and you're cooling down,, use oven mitts though...

Noelle said...

George, it's great...such imagery. I can almost feel the sun on me...I love that last stanza too. You are a great writer.

George said...

Well, Noelle. I don't think I would go quite that far.

Still, your comment is very much appreciated.

Thank you...

K.Lawson Gilbert said...

I needed a little spring today, George, so thank you! Very nice poem full of wonderful images!

George said...

K... I think we all need a little warm sun when it's been so gloomy.

I love the poem, stone walls and frozen water fall,, just to cool...

Linda S. Socha said...

George...This one brought tears...I know why on reflection...Love your writing, love your poetry..love your blog...I appreciate you in shor:>)

George said...

"Wow" Linda, you know,,, that really means a lot to me..

When I first started blogging, it was pretty much was a therapeutic thing to see where I wanted to go with my attempt at writing.

Your comforting responses had help me to keep going and try to get at least half way decent with it and to push on..

Thank you so very much, my friend...

Love of Welding said...

Just read your blog, I like your poem.
The warmth and hope of spring comes alive.
Thank you.

George said...

Thank you Joy. I'm glad you were able to make it over OK..

Your copper work is some pretty cool stuff...

Clydean said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog George. I appreciated your comments also. I had to come see who you were and I read most of your profile. I'm at work so couldn't spend a lot of time poring over your blog, but can't wait to get home and check it out more. Love the poetry and the pictures combinations. Can't wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

George - I would like to present you the Lemonade award, once I get it posted on my own page, with the rules.

Julie said...

Hi, George! I'm glad you're feeling better. And I'm glad you posted this poem. It's beautiful! I'm so sick of winter. Your poem conveys all of those feelings and longings for color that I have. Great work!

P.S. - Don't worry about catching up. I'll be gone a few days, so I know the feeling oh too well. We'll be here:) Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hi George, this is quite lovely :)
I am enjoying reading your words!

George said...

Thank you Laura, You are more than welcome to poke around the place.

I always enjoy first visitors, come back anytime...