Saturday, January 10, 2009

Song of the Northern Lights

A moonless night, saffron fields
Silent, motionless calm
Invades the darken realms
Standing there wrought with chills

Shards of colors sweeps an ebony sky
Songs of the northern lights
Waves sways its hues, bright
During the chorus, fliers don’t fly

Mesmerize and amazed by what has gone on
Blue, reds, greens and gold
Nature’s musical light show
A fortunate witness to an earth phenomenon


Charli said...

Hi George... I like this poem. I saw the northern lights once. I was speechless. It was amazing. I saw them in Canada - in a mountain town. I was standing beside a lake, black with night. The sky was green and pulsing, grains of sand falling. I'll never forget it. Thanks for reminding me of it!

George said...

Hi Charli, When I lived in Alaska I seen them quite a few times to the a point of taking them for granted.

I'd had moved back to the lower 48 a couple years later. Then seen them again a few times.

I was at a very low point in my life and contemplating stupid things when I was driving back in the middle of nowhere from breaking up with a girl.

All of sudden away from any city lights, I seen them at the most vibrant I'd ever seen them before. That time I got to hear their song, absolutely amazing!

I went on to meet others and yep! head over heels with them too.

Each time I learned hold a little of myself back.

Those lights taught me a little.

OK, to much info...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Charli.

Shadow said...

now i know EXACTLY why i want to see them. even more so, actually. thank you for the introduction...

Noelle said...

Ooh, now I want to see the Northern Lights! Great Writing, as usual!

George said...

Oh! Shadow and Noelle, I know you guys would love them if you'd had never seen it, the lights would leave an indelible mark on your psyche.

I have three ferocious man eaters for dogs that need encouraging to go outside sometimes at night, (I've never told them they were just dachshunds) but every time I go out there the first thing I do is to look up to the skies, to this day I'm been waiting for one more show.

Laura said...

We almost went to Alaska this year for the lights but ended up going to Brazil instead. Wonderful poem. Thanx George.

George said...

I would like to go to Brazil someday.

Calli said...

Beautiful imagery, George! And what a wonder to have witnessed such beauty. Wish I had.

Love the standing stones header image also!

Tracy said...

George, this is absolutely breathtaking!

George said...

Well, thanks Calli. I'm glad you stop by.

George said...

Tracy. Your visits are always welcomed.

Yes. When you see them, it does do that.

Stay warm over there...

Crafty Green Poet said...

I'd love to see the Northern lights....

Alan said...

Hi George. Beautiful words, incredible images. I like. Thanks for stopping in at Cute Times Ten, hope you like it and if you have anything cute, send it in!

Ellyssa said...

Hiya George,

Thanks for the follow.

I love how this sounds in my head.
"A fortunate witness to an earth phenomenon."

I use a Canon EOS Digital Rebel xsi to shoot. I've recently upgraded significantly from a Casio point and shoot. I only really use a UV filter or if needed a circ. polarizer. I use Adobe Photoshop cs2 to edit my photos. I play around A LOT with Apophysis and Terragen too.

Thanks a biggn's for the comment.
Much appreciated! I'll be stopping back again soon, your words are infecting!

rebecca woodward said...

Hi there George, what a wonderful blog you have here with the most beautiful photos and words. I was compelled to devour both as I perused your posts. This led me to add myself as a follower and subscribe in my google reader.

I have angels too, I dare not take them for granted -- their timing is impeccable!


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Rhi said...

this is beautiful. thanks so much for sharing.

George said...

Welcome to all of you who wandered in while I was sick for the last week.

I'm glad you enjoyed.

Well, I'm going to climb back on the couch with my dogs and warm blanket...

Feel free to wander about...