Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thank You for this Honorable Award

Thank you Tracey-Ann, Elle and Old Mossy Moon, for awarding me this award. I will pass it on to others as well, with great gratitude and deep appreciation…

The rule as handed down is as describe:

The Lemonade Award is for sites, which show great attitude and/or gratitude! Rules for the award: 1. Put the logo on your blog or post. 2. Nominate at least 10 blogs, which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude! 3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post. 4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog. 5. Nominate your favorites and link to this post. I have nominated the following blogs among us:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While the Winter Season Last

I wasn’t going to post this poem, but I decided do go ahead anyway. Some of them I probably never will and several of them I know I never will.

What the heck!

We had a nice intense sunny day. So I started to do a little writing, soaking in the sunrays piercing across the cold winter room.

My three dogs lying across my feet in the sun getting every sliver they could stretch out and reach for

I’d been getting kind of tired of the winter taking so long for the season to pass, I do realize it is just that time of the year and we do have a little while left to go. I think few of us are going through some of the same anxieties of cabin fever. I know I am.

Even though I enjoy having the four defined seasons to cycle through and our summers can be longer than the rest and I’m Ok with that. I need to be outside more than in.

Once the better weather starts I’ll be working more and having less leisure time to spend and that’s Ok too.

Still I couldn’t help it, whittling the hours away thinking of much warmer days in the tall grasses in the fields. Where the forest comes alive the air fills with insects, bees and the seeds floating to find fertile places to settle.

Nature's Awakening

In the spring when the darken chill
Slowly leaves the scene
Crocus sneak through the matted leaves
Poking their heads toward warm sunbeams

Songs of the bird’s carries past the trees
Forest awakens the woods
Creatures magnificent and small
Find the sun where they stood

Painted meadows beyond the shady groves
Is where, you’re leading me
Laying down in the fields
Hidden away in a sea of greens

Holding hands as we do our dance
Bringing honor to the spring
Love in the light of day, careful to
Stay away from the fairy rings

Hurrying to be getting back
Before the sun sets, it's getting late
Leaving the last touch of your hand
Lasting kiss at the garden gate

When the moonlight glows in the window
Through the shears
Dreams fill the room
Of the dance we held near

Seeds we’ve sowed within us
That one spring day
Committing our hearts
Is where we plan to settle and stay

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Letting Go

Walk by the old house the other day
Where the rusted screen door laid
Still empty after all these years
Creaking floors that holds so many tears

Clapboard siding lost the memories
Of what the colors used to be
Broken fence letting the weeds out
Now covers the old living room couch

Walk down the driveway today
Where the kids road their bikes and played
It’s sad it never did sell
All of our dreams that went away and fell

Closed the gate when I left, don’t know why
I think it was something in me, deep inside
The place has become quite the eye sore
I won’t be going back there


Saturday, January 10, 2009

Song of the Northern Lights

A moonless night, saffron fields
Silent, motionless calm
Invades the darken realms
Standing there wrought with chills

Shards of colors sweeps an ebony sky
Songs of the northern lights
Waves sways its hues, bright
During the chorus, fliers don’t fly

Mesmerize and amazed by what has gone on
Blue, reds, greens and gold
Nature’s musical light show
A fortunate witness to an earth phenomenon

Friday, January 9, 2009

The Incomig Storms

I was listening to the morning news about more storms heading our way. Oh that’s nice, I thought to myself. After spending the day before picking up parts of my roof shingles around the yard. At the same time checking on the newly planted trees and shrubs I had planted last spring, anticipating these types of conditions knowing how it can get. Though they’re doing just fine.

I’d also had been listening to the reports of all the suffering going on all around us from the battering they had been taking from severe whether, the flooding, collapsed buildings, erosion, avalanches, mud slides and just general property losses.

We’ve been pretty lucky so far… I pray that they continue to stay clear from the jaws of an angry earth…

Storms (Acrostic Style Poem)

Straddled within our protective lodge
Tumultuous skins easily feel pain
Our reassuring needs hold us as
Refugees till approaching whether pass
More victuals stored
Saneness that we'd hope will last

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I'm Honored of Winning a Blogging Award

Gracious Laura, at Under The Sheets-Shhh had bestowed on me at LostNight Scribblings my first online award ever. I am very honored and grateful.

Thank you very much Laura, I will proudly display it on the mantel of the massive stone fireplace in my great-room.

So the rules to accepting my award are as follows: A) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep! B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

Passing the award onto 7 other bloggers, well thats OK. But listing 10 honest things about myself, well! That’s reaching into the danger zone now.

I’ll do the best I can, so here it goes, as I tightly grip my chair…

1 When I develop new friends it takes me awhile to allow someone into my bubble space. When I do trust, I hold a lot of value to the friendship no matter how long it last or the stresses that pull on it.

2 Unfortunately have had strong physic abilities that I’d spent a fair amout of effort to ignore a lot of the time, then hate it when I’m right.

3 I’ve came across places that I'm able to quickly discovered that are haunted and I have lived in places that were.

4 I sometimes rely on my sense of humor to much, to a point that even when I’m in serious trouble, like cracking jokes with an ambulance drivers and emergency room doctors.

5 Being a single parent and one of the original Mr. moms in our state probably saved my life.

6 Building a life with my best friend for over twenty years and never having an argument or hurt feelings with each other since we’ve met. I am truly blessed with her.

7 Parenthood was one of the most enriching and rewarding things I’d ever done. Now I spend too much time with our dogs and able to communicate with them, just a little to easy.

8 I’ve always had prided myself of never being the typical guy and gotten along with women better as friends.

9 Sometimes I enjoy spirited arguments, excuse me (debates).

10 I find it annoying that I’ve ruined another shirt, with spoons that seem to leak.

The 7 blogs I would like to pass the “Honest Scrap Award” onto are;

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Monday, January 5, 2009

Montana’s Native Nation

My father told us when we were growing up that we had some Native American ancestry in our family tree. We didn’t believe him all that much and kind of just blew it off, so through our life we didn’t give it much more thought.

I mean heck, we sure didn’t look like it or anything. I probably did more than my brothers or sisters. My dad kind of did.

He liked his cowboy look though. He wore the whole thing the hat, dark styled clothes, and rattlesnake proof lineman booths, living in the snake area part of our state and being outside every chance we could get. We had to take precautions.

Sure I have black hair and got dark at the beginning of summer without trying very hard, then been confused as having some kind of Spanish decent and then jokingly blurt out it’s just the Indian part coming out.

Well my dad died in the mid nineties and the point is, that we started poking around in our genealogy more than before after he died. Gathering tons of information along with old photos.

Some of us were noticing who were these people that appeared to be dark skinned and looked to be native Indian as our past relatives? Maybe our dad wasn’t “bull shitting” us after all. Some of the tree rooted out of Canada and northwest Montana he did say we had Blackfoot in us.

I’ve seemed to feel those tugs throughout my life especially while I’m in my meditative or in my creative cycles and phases, which were fairly regular. I’ve always felt a high in the spiritual senses when it came to a communal life that I lived in a long time ago and then with the experiences with earth teachings of wildlife, nature, gardening, herbal medicines, art and now writing. I felt my soul purpose was to express my self through these mediums.

I use to joke with my family of life-long avid hunters and yes mostly with the bow! That the way I hunt is with the camera.

I still have my catch years later and I didn’t have to take the spirit of the animal that deserved to be there. Besides I had no problem with the store gods providing me with the provisions needed to raise my family no matter how much I disliked it, buying stuff I didn’t grow or to make myself.

I’d remembered when we used to go fossil, plant and rock hunting throughout the northwest of the U.S. and up into Canada, even as a kid. That when I would take something from the forest or mountains I would secretly make an offering in the form of a ritualized prayer and asking for the permission for what the earth allowed me to possess, I would reassure the earth spirits that it would only to be use for the purpose of good never greed or evil.

No one ever told me this at the age of ten and twelve about this sort of thing, I felt it in my heart that it was necessary and I should be grateful for what the earth allowed me to have.

But then we’d had also traced some of our ancestry to Germany, England and to cork county Ireland.

We had pretty much at the ends of what we’d had been able to search and left it at that several years ago.

I just can’t help but feel that there is a spirit guide, giving me that nudge now and then.

Some already know how much I believe in angles. I know I have both…

Native Blood

Eyes wander off to a distant skyline
Just below the full moon’s glow
Lone wolf calls to the gathering hills
As my native spirit grows

Sensing Montana’s blood
That circulates within me
Ancestral lines and veins
The Indian mortality

Soul, lends to winds
Easing into a spiritual birth
Nature surrounds me
And earth

Native heritage speaks through the stars
Algonquians words, fills the sky
Soul rides on the mighty bird

Transcends my awareness of sight