Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Ghosted Memories

You have yours
I have to live with mine

As it whittles away
Leaving us in the day
Where the world was ours
Now Ghosted memories

Echoes of a love
In the disappearance of time.

Like, to so many of us, feeling that she was the most beautiful woman with a voice of powerful alluring talent, ever to be bestowed onto the world and the music scene and no one has ever come close.

Every time I reflect on the times back then, she and her music is always been part of those memories for me.

As a lot of us had discovered, time stays for no one.

Happy Birthday Linda, I will always love you.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dream of Dreams

We'd all had dreams, some we’ll share, some are like secretes we keep close to ourselves as in some type of personal sanctuary vault, with the hopes that the combination to our locks could never be deciphered.

I had mentioned awhile back that when I was so frustrated with my writings about five years ago, I had destroyed them all with a ritual burning.

Well it had so happened that I ran across few of them loosely in a forgotten storage in my humble desert dwelling of a home, carefully while on the watch of a cantankerous black widow or two that may be lingering about. I sorted through some of them, just wondering what the hell was I thinking or what girl did I think would be interested in my pocket full of my mumbled scribbles I would sometimes quickly pull out to dedicate to.

Some I may share with you, some I probable won’t, but you will have to keep in mind that these were done in a different time and place that the world is in today, that my world was in.

Some were written when I was in my teens. I was a drummer, songwriter and singer in a popular neighborhood band in the Seattle area. It was in the late sixties so much was happening at a very fast rate then.

I always considered myself to be so enriched with the cultural scene back then, fortunately I was able to be in the thick of it on some level or another. It still has so much to do with what influences of our world today and that of my own. So much so, I can’t escape it, even in my way of thinking, my thoughts and emotions, sometimes will creep in, finding them in my current writings and art, that still reflects on how I felt.

Chasing Dreams was one of those short ones I wrote back then and this one Dream of Dreams was one if I remember right was one we wrote music to.

We'd like playing in the parks such as Greenlake, Woodland, the fountain at the Seattle Center and a little park by my house called Ross Park. We would sit around in a half circle to which people gathered, it was another opportunity for us to try out new songs we were working on.

To me some of these are kind of dorky with a hint of cheesiness to them. Hey! Can’t say I didn’t warn you, I was young and flying free.

Dream of Dreams

I slip away to a place
Where no one goes
A place no one knows
I live where
My dreams come true
When I go to my dreams
There’s never no wrong
I dance to the serenade
Of my own songs
In the land of dreams
There are those who care
In my dream of dreams
Friends walk with me
For how ever long

Come with me
In my dreams
Laugh while we run
Through meadows
When comes the night
There’s no fear
We’ll sit on the clouds
Stars in the sky
We’ll wish on every one
Milky way holds
So many
The wish I dream
Is you would be with me
In my dreams
Dream all your dreams
I know it’s a place
Where your dreams
Will come true
For you too
Dare to dream
Your dreams

Friday, July 3, 2009

Chasing Dreams

I’d felt when dreams are held to tightly
Opening your hand only to loose them to the winds

There are times when it falls, far from the heart
A smile passed on, keeps it all from falling apart

In the wilderness of changes, paths may divide
I don’t know why, I will keep it all inside

It’s not the road to a goal
More due to the dreams you claim
as your own.