Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogging Friends

Some of my blog friends here know that I'm also a photographer besides a writer as some of my creative interest. So I really want to take this time to invite you to check out my photog blog "The Looking Glass Image" here's a link I hope you enjoy it there as well, maybe become a subscriber to get the latest happenings. Well, that's it for now so go check it out and feel free to leave any comments...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dahlia (A Spanish Waltz)

I know I hadn’t felt much like writing of late, been dealing with some bummed out feelings for a while, the type one brings on to oneself. I won’t discuss my triggers, they may be some of the same ones as yours anyway. Knowing that most who read my blogs are of a human kind and my friends here are kind humans you can probably relate.

Depression I guess is something that most of us face from time to time. Some deal with a little differently than others, when I reach a point I write. I do write in those other times of emotions too. Just when we feel more vulnerable they seem ride on our sleeves as we hold them close. With that said, I thought I would write lyrics to a Spanish waltz. As you can tell I wrote in spanish first then in english.

Please leave a comment if you wouldn’t mind, I’d had lost most of my followers here, to me is crushing enough…

Dalia (Un Vals Español)

Radiante amor

Luz de la luna de su resplandor
para el calentamiento del sol de la

Hermosa Dalia

Con gracia en una sala de bailes
Sonrisas en los corazones
Para todo lo que toca
Todo el mundo se desvaneció

Mi hermosa dalia

Se está convirtiendo en
Un recuerdo fugaz
Para ella se ha ido

Oh Dalia

Nunca olvidaré sus dones
Una vida tan caliente

Hermosa, pero perdió
Todo lo que queda
Son estas lágrimas por

Mi hermosa

Dahlia (A Spanish Waltz)

Radiant love
Moonlight of her glow
Morning sun so warming

Beautiful dahlia

Gracefully dances into a room
Smiles on the hearts
To all she touched
Everyone swooned

My beautiful dahlia

Are now becoming
A fleeting memory
For she is gone

Oh dahlia

I will never forget her gifts
A life so warm

Beautiful but lost
All there is left
Are these tears for

My beautiful


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back On the Road

Sun is coming up just
East of Kennewick
I’m getting tired
The same old song
Of the tires on the road

Another mile down
So many more to go
Can’t think much of anything
But getting closer to you
Hope to make Billings

Then one more day
This trip will be through
It was good hear your voice
When we talked
Waiting in line to use the phone

Back out on it
Nothing on the radio
Leaving me thinking
How much I really
Don’t like being away from home

When the night falls
Tuck away in this big rig
It’s tough to get to sleep
Finally letting go of the wheel
The mind wrestles with it all

Knowing by time you get there
You will have grabbed another load
Saying your sorries giving her the kiss
Missing the wide open country
Heading back out there on the road…

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lost Dreams

I thought I knew the pain
How it was going to be
Only I’d stayed
The broken road

Somewhere lost

What was so dear
Like secretes that fell
To hollow spaces
Beneath the stones

A leaf at play in a stream
Flows the distance
Chasing hopes so clear
loosing to the waves

Holding close the time
I have left to dream
Keeping them dry
From the rain...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thoughts and Memories of You

A November chill is biting at the ends of my ears
As I pull up the collar
Golden memories falling from the trees
Slowly dissipate with the wind

All the thoughts that built up to the day
Becoming harder to keep them straight
Ones hope to never loose
Are of those being with you

Hiding my dry cold hands
In the snugged lined pockets
Of the coat given in the better of times
There’s a key I just can’t let go

Dragging my feet to a path
Knowing too that will come a time
When the leaves thick and deep

Will had faded and gone.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Frantic Photographic Day

Down the lonely highways
Searching for an un-traveled road
As images scroll by
Trespassing signs fogging up your mind

You keep pressing on
For a shot that will make the day
Just one more curve
Around another hill

One last stop to get what you can
Fingers itch for another click
So many blurring the memory
Now the battery is running low

By the time you get back
Thoughts start to seep in
Thinking about what was exposed
Those settings, so many ISO’s

Before you reach a place to check
You think of all the time you spent
Feeling yourself turning gray
As you walk in door

Pulling cards, finding a reader
Looking for what you did
As the blood leaves you head
Huddle in a corner

Laptop fully opened
The lights dimmed
Sorting through the captures
Like an excited kid

Struggling to figure out
A ribbon on a larger gift
Then surprised by
What you got

And some
Were never planed
Spouting old clichés
Looking forward to another day

Pretending to be a photographer
With the camera securely in your hand
Framing everything you see
Along the way...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In A Happy Place

Another night in
A state of bliss

What a ride

Nothing is going to bother me
It’s like winning a lottery

Only if I could hang on this feeling
All of my days

I have a neighbor
Who wont listen to his kids
But gets his advice
From a pet who won’t go outside

I’d been feeling this good
Not feeling any ills
Don’t know where it came

If you ask how I got here
I couldn’t tell you with a straight face

I don’t care
Just as long as it never goes away

There’s a friend at work
Who left his home and a ugly woman
Now he’s happier
But hooked up with even an uglier one, still

The world might be falling apart
Nothing is going to cause it to shake

Things may not come my way
Everything is all right

I know I’m in a happy place…