Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back On the Road

Sun is coming up just
East of Kennewick
I’m getting tired
The same old song
Of the tires on the road

Another mile down
So many more to go
Can’t think much of anything
But getting closer to you
Hope to make Billings

Then one more day
This trip will be through
It was good hear your voice
When we talked
Waiting in line to use the phone

Back out on it
Nothing on the radio
Leaving me thinking
How much I really
Don’t like being away from home

When the night falls
Tuck away in this big rig
It’s tough to get to sleep
Finally letting go of the wheel
The mind wrestles with it all

Knowing by time you get there
You will have grabbed another load
Saying your sorries giving her the kiss
Missing the wide open country
Heading back out there on the road…


oneperson said...


Captures well, that driver on the road...missing home and then missing the open road.

I thought also of a time before engines and wheels, when a man went on a cattle drive.


Shadow said...

pulled in opposite directions... i understand that.

CathM said...

I love the narrative you capture in this poem :)

Anonymous said...

So do you get a lot of your ideas on the road? That happens to me a lot, and then when I get to my destination, I have forgotten half of them! Love your blog! :-)