Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cuckoo Clock

When my grandson would come over to our place, he’s so amazed by the cuckoo clock. It would bring back the memories of my grandmother I was very close to growing up. (From my archives)

Cuckoo Bird Where Did You Go?

Tis a happy day for me
Off to Gramps house to play you see

Tis one thing I don't understand
Little black house with a little white hand

Every time, when the cuckoo comes out
I run behind the living room couch

That little cuckoo bird hid back in

Gramps! Darn! I miss him again?

To see him, I have to be quick as a hick-up
Wait 'til the big hand points straight up

Finally I get to see him, little bird I'd heard before
He came out on his perch, then slammed the door

When I go to Gramps and hear the tick-tock
I see the cuckoo bird I love so much

Up there on the wall
In his big black clock…