Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dahlia (A Spanish Waltz)

I know I hadn’t felt much like writing of late, been dealing with some bummed out feelings for a while, the type one brings on to oneself. I won’t discuss my triggers, they may be some of the same ones as yours anyway. Knowing that most who read my blogs are of a human kind and my friends here are kind humans you can probably relate.

Depression I guess is something that most of us face from time to time. Some deal with a little differently than others, when I reach a point I write. I do write in those other times of emotions too. Just when we feel more vulnerable they seem ride on our sleeves as we hold them close. With that said, I thought I would write lyrics to a Spanish waltz. As you can tell I wrote in spanish first then in english.

Please leave a comment if you wouldn’t mind, I’d had lost most of my followers here, to me is crushing enough…

Dalia (Un Vals Español)

Radiante amor

Luz de la luna de su resplandor
para el calentamiento del sol de la

Hermosa Dalia

Con gracia en una sala de bailes
Sonrisas en los corazones
Para todo lo que toca
Todo el mundo se desvaneció

Mi hermosa dalia

Se está convirtiendo en
Un recuerdo fugaz
Para ella se ha ido

Oh Dalia

Nunca olvidaré sus dones
Una vida tan caliente

Hermosa, pero perdió
Todo lo que queda
Son estas lágrimas por

Mi hermosa

Dahlia (A Spanish Waltz)

Radiant love
Moonlight of her glow
Morning sun so warming

Beautiful dahlia

Gracefully dances into a room
Smiles on the hearts
To all she touched
Everyone swooned

My beautiful dahlia

Are now becoming
A fleeting memory
For she is gone

Oh dahlia

I will never forget her gifts
A life so warm

Beautiful but lost
All there is left
Are these tears for

My beautiful



Linda S. Socha said...

Ah George... Welcome bacK ! I love seeing your posts come up on my blog roll!

I relate to where you are a bit I think. Lve you post and love hearing from you

George said...

Thanks Linda, you have such a compassionate heart.

I'm good, my wife starts her vacation tomorrow and we have a couple of small road-trips planed, so it will be nice.

I left my beloved Seattle several years ago for the 300 plus days of sun in a Northwest desert so that's probably not helping, when it seems all we're getting is cloudy and rain...


Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

This is beautiful, George...and thanks for your comment on my post. :)

oneperson said...

I'm left smiling. Dahlia brings to mind a graceful lily dancing in the breeze. Hopefully we all have at least one Dahlia in our lives, with honored tears...each drop.

Great to read you again George. And I love the photo of horse and human. Yes, I feel the connection.


Clydean said...

Hi George. It seems I've been out of touch lately also. I love your writings. Hope your spirits are lifted soon.

madison. said...

I adore you, what a wonderful story. Please, darling, stop by for tea sometime. I would love your feedback. said...

I simply adore your art! Everything looks so rich and beautiful. You gave me some great ideas on where to go to find stuff. Looks great.

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