Sunday, July 18, 2010

Blogging Friends

Some of my blog friends here know that I'm also a photographer besides a writer as some of my creative interest. So I really want to take this time to invite you to check out my photog blog "The Looking Glass Image" here's a link I hope you enjoy it there as well, maybe become a subscriber to get the latest happenings. Well, that's it for now so go check it out and feel free to leave any comments...


Anonymous said...

I started to write blog in English.
I will write about everythinkg, will be a lot of pictures, reviews of books, films, songs etc.
So it would be nice if you visit my blog sometimes :)
(Sorry for mistakes, I'm still learning English)

Pastor Perry said...

Thank you for sharing and allowing me to come into your world. I would like to be a blessing to you each and everyday. Please visit me at