Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another Frantic Photographic Day

Down the lonely highways
Searching for an un-traveled road
As images scroll by
Trespassing signs fogging up your mind

You keep pressing on
For a shot that will make the day
Just one more curve
Around another hill

One last stop to get what you can
Fingers itch for another click
So many blurring the memory
Now the battery is running low

By the time you get back
Thoughts start to seep in
Thinking about what was exposed
Those settings, so many ISO’s

Before you reach a place to check
You think of all the time you spent
Feeling yourself turning gray
As you walk in door

Pulling cards, finding a reader
Looking for what you did
As the blood leaves you head
Huddle in a corner

Laptop fully opened
The lights dimmed
Sorting through the captures
Like an excited kid

Struggling to figure out
A ribbon on a larger gift
Then surprised by
What you got

And some
Were never planed
Spouting old clich├ęs
Looking forward to another day

Pretending to be a photographer
With the camera securely in your hand
Framing everything you see
Along the way...


Arlee Bird said...

Nice verse. You have captured the experience in words just like you captured the awesome photos.

Linda S. Socha said...

You are ever the spirit of the photographer George and a poet along with it

George said...

Hi Lee, I'll be there to visit your blog soon.

Thank you for your warm comments...

George said...

"Oh Linda" that means so much to me. I think the poet part may be questionable though, I'm glad you've liked them.

Have you checked the photos I have on Photobucket, I haven't posted any more for awhile, I probably should.

Hugs, my friend

Shadow said...

what a delightful description of the thoughts of a photographer...

Noelle Dunn.... A Poet in Progress said...

George, my friend - you are so wonderfully creative!! Poetry and photography!! What else?? I'm on the verge of investing in a camera myself. Have a great weekend!!!

Josephine said...

Hi George,
You got it down perfectly; the experience and all feelings that come with it! I always admire people that can find those great shots and more so write about the whole experience as you do. Beautiful!!
Thanks for sharing!!

George said...

Thanks Shadow. Photography takes some of my writing time, but I manage to get something jotted down once in a while...

George said...

Hi Noelle, I'm always glad to hear from you and thanks.

If you have any questions on photography with my limited knowledge, I'd be more than willing to help you with anything.

What else? well Noelle, I'd lived a rich life of creativity I'd been a ceramic artist since I was in my twenties, done stain glass, pottery, woodworking, and been into music all my life, but writing and photography right now is where my heart has been of late.

George said...

Hi Alex, I'm glad you'd like it. I'd had noticed the growth in my own photos since I'd switched to the digital format.

If I can't get any writing in, then I feel guilty and really miss it, so I try to do them both and interchange them.

I enjoy the visits from you, I want to swing by your blog soon as I get a chance...

Small City Scenes said...

Camera in hand
down untravelled roads
searching, always searching.

You said it all. MB

George said...

Thank you MB, for your comment and the visit...

crobl005 said...