Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Eagle’s Eye

How envious am I, the eagle flies
Over the vast soft greenery
Tree branches supported pillows
The valley divided, by a cool running vain

Rocky walls higher up to the spires
A majestic ram standing his stay
Mule deer grazes on tender fields
Smaller wing masters prowling their prey

An ever-changing subtle way of life
As to a rhythm of a symphony’s sonata

On the warm sweeping winds


oneperson said...

Beautiful imagery....

I really like the line about the smaller wing masters. From the eagle's eye, the view is vast.

Thanks for the flight!

nekot :-)

George said...

I spent so much time watching the bald eagles in the mountains of the Northwest in a dream-state and at an awe of the beauty.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Nekot...