Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Litter Me This

Cruising down the interstate
Sadly woes
Wood, cardboard and paper
Alongside the road

A tearful Indian
Comes to mind
Put in bags
Give it time

Won’t be long
As humans go
It will all be back
Don’t you know

Retribution Is as fleeting
Some can’t stop
With all the littering!


Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

I pray that you really are a knight in shining armor because if you are I have been waiting for you.(smile)

George said...

Hi Cherie, you have a beautiful blog and your writings touches my heart.

Would you like to invite you to join my blogroll.

oneperson said...

Lots of layers to this one...for me. Literally, the destruction of the land with its back and forth. Figuratively, the consuming of our souls and heritage.

I'm proud to know you George... :-)


George said...

Thanks Carol. Yes what do we as human give up in exchange of insensitivity and carelessness. Those who contaminate our own nature and worlds.

I like your new entry on your blog also..

Laura said...

Human behavior is right. Thank you for sharing your voice with us.

George said...

Thank you Laura, and welcome to my blog of scribbles. Feel free to look around...

Julie said...

You really are awesome, as everyone else has said. This is a beautiful poem, and it brings out many emotions in me. I cannot stand to see people litter. I just don't understand it. I used to take my daughter to a park to feed the ducks, and we would get so upset to see plastic bread bags floating in the water. People would bring plastic bags of bread to give the ducks...then throw the bags in the water!! They usually came with their children, and I often thought about what kind of lesson they were teaching their kids. Shew! Sorry to rant. Your poem certainly brings out powerful emotions! Great work!

P.S. - I'm sorry it took me so long to link you, but I have you up there now. I didn't mean to take so long...just a crazy week. Thanks much.

Linda S. Socha said...

I can certainly relate to this one. Thank you! I am enjoying exploring your blog. Please stop by and say hellp if you are oug and about

George said...

The infringed insensitive disregards of others and nature,,, well they just won't get a Christmas card from me...

Julie, don't worry about it people get busy. I'm just honored that you enjoy them that means a lot at my amature status.

Linda, welcome come in anytime. I'm just learning about this blog thingy, I think I like it. I've met some of the nicest people bloggen..

Hey, throw some coffee on and I'll be over to visit and look around.