Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mind's Fragile Causeway

No matter how intelligent one feels or how un-fragile their insensibility's can be. The mind is only one incident away of being damage to a permanent state. It seems that their own smarts lends to a false sense of “not-happening-to-me” persona.

I’ve seen the young or at any age be struck down in the prime of their life through mental illness, PTSD, chemical imbalances, head injuries or other types of catastrophes of traumas the body may endure such as a stroke. They are likely to be institutionalized for sometimes upwards of life.

Some may even function in what seems to be a normal existence. But inside is an everyday a constant struggle, just to survive in what can be an inhospitable world. While others have to work hard to keep up a front to preserve their own protection of being ridicule, shunned or they had suffered that unimaginable fate. (to be continued)

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