Thursday, December 18, 2008


My eye ventures the long hall
Ending in a myriad of colors
Through journeys lost time
Of shards, jaded hue’s

With every cylinder twist
New explorations unfold
Further into the recesses
Outer walls of the mind

Turning it the other way
You realize
Your not on your way back

Going forward
Is to pull away.


Julie said...

Wow! I love this poem, George. You have put me right there in the middle of the kaleidoscope. Those last two lines sock me in the gut, too. I love how this could be about looking into a kaleidoscope or (at least for me), it could be about life.

"Going forward/is to pull away." Perfect last lines! They also make me think of my own life right now. I'm driving everybody crazy blabbing about how I'm in the process of moving. But it's a scary thing, because we're taking a lot of risks and giving up some security to "go for it." You only live once and all that good stuff.

I love when a poem hits me on a personal level like that. Your poem says how I'm feeling right now. The colors are good and exciting. Beautiful work.

George said...

Hi Julie. I still enjoy losing myself to the discoveries of the kaleidoscope.

Seeing you like this one, have you had a chance to see some of my first postings here? I think there might be a couple there too you might find interesting.

Moving is always so tough on everyone involved. And even more in a situation of uncertainty. You just have to go for whats in your heart.

We went through a similar deal when we left Idaho three years ago to go back to Wash. giving up a more of a secure thing.

We went for the roll of the dice. I usually land on my feet. So we went for it. It worked out for the better, we got so much more ahead bought a house two years ago and doing good.

I really do long for the woods, being the forest child that I am.

I'm also excited about starting a new business in the worst economy in the so called fifty years.

Genevieve said...


George said...

Well thanks Genevieve, I'm glad you were able to visit me here at my walls of scribbles.

I absolutely love art work...