Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Last Apple Tree

It was a time long ago
Village crops started to fail
On there, out of the way island
Losing most of the trees
Fulfilling building
And other needs
Only one tree left
So much hope to survive
That night
A special campfire meeting
Was called
No more apples should be eating
The villagers didn’t listen
To the rule
They ate
Till there was only one
Left on the tree
Well, they cried our end has begun
We will post a guard to watch
The last apple on the tree
Appointed sentry slept
The last one fell
A mute villager
Found it and wouldn’t tell
Took it home for the family to share
When it was gone
All there was left were the seeds
With his voice no one heard before
We will nurture them here
Then pant them outdoors
The village didn’t know
What they were going to do
Quickly running out of food
All their corps dying or dead
We will have to leave our beloved island
Look for somewhere else instead
The mute citizen with plenty to say
We will secretly
Take these little seedlings
Plant them across the hills
Next spring trees growing everywhere
The island community was thrilled
He was made the village rule maker
For every one apple that is eating
One has to be planted
Soon so many apples to eat and for compost
All the other crops came back
Food for all, wood for most
The moral to my little story is
If it’s your last bite
You hadn’t done nothing to prepare
Give back to mother earth’s care
Later you will be rewarded
With plenty to share…

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